OKC & Stillwater Communities - Spring/Summer 2017 Schedule

  • By Sept 24th: Hospitals create slots
  • Sept 25th – Oct 8th: Schools request slots
  • Oct 9th – Oct 22nd: Hospitals approve non-conflicted slots
  • Oct 23rd – Nov 5th: Schools negotiate conflicts
  • Nov 6th – Nov 19th: Hospital final approvals

Tulsa - Spring 2017 Schedule

  • August 1st, 2016: Deadline for Hospital Slot Creation
  • August 2nd – Sept 5th, 2016: Schools submit requests
  • Sept 6th – Oct 10th, 2016: Hospital Approvals
  • Oct 11th – Oct 31st, 2016: School renegotiations
  • Nov 1st – Nov 14th, 2016: Final Hospital Approvals

Southwest Oklahoma - Fall 2016 Schedule

  • April 8th: Deadline for Hospital Slot Creation
  • April 9th – April 24th: Schools submit requests
  • April 25th – May 1st: Hospital Approvals
  • May 2nd – May 8th: School negotiations
  • May 9th – May 13th: Final Hospital Approvals

Enid Community – Spring 2017 Schedule

  • By Oct 16th: Hospitals create slots
  • Oct 17th – Oct 31st: Schools submit requests
  • Nov 1st – Nov 14th: Hospitals approve non-conflicted slots
  • Nov 15th – Nov 28th: Schools negotiate conflicts
  • Nov 29th – Dec 12th: Hospital final approvals
New Student Registration

New Clinical Hub Students

If this is your first time registering on The Clinical Hub, please create a new account by clicking on the link above.

During the scheduled time periods, whichever group is not actively working on the Clinical Hub should not make requests or approvals.